Sustainable asset valuation engine (SAVE) is a value investment product developed with Fintelics in house artificial intelligence expertise. It provides visualization, tailored metrics, analytical insights and recommendations to audience who are interested in investment in dividend stocks. SAVE is enabled with two seperate AI engines - Fountain of Youth (FoY) and Black Swan Lake (BSL),

The solution is 100% cloud native and it applies the most advanced AI technology.

This is a B2C product for individual investors and financial advisors who are interested in value investing. Fintelics believe although large financial institutes are using AI models to optimize their portfolios, the general public should also have access to these advanced technologies to assist their portfolio strategy.

Fountain of Youth(FoY) is the AI engine which focuses on sustainable growth of one’s portfolio. It is equipped with the most cutting edge artificial intelligence concepts and best practices including deep neural network, deep reinforcement learning and transfer learning. The engine uses automated financial data as input and provides personalized insight and recommendation for buy/sell point and stock selection/ranking.

The performance of the model exceeds expectations. Based on 30 years of back testing and real time data testing, the annual compounding rate of return outperformance S&P index by 10%.