Will worked for IBM, then became a CTO of Stafits. Will provided consulting services doing cloud architecture/computing, data engineering for many large enterprises such as Toronto Stock Exchange, Citco Group limited, Thomson Reuters. Will was Canada Developer 30 Under 30 winner and awarded fellowship by Founder Institute(One of the best accelerators in the world). Will was invited by IBM, CASCON and IEEE to present the academic speech of blockchain and cloud computing. Specializes in: Database, DevOps, AWS, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning.



Graduated from Engineering Science, University of Toronto, Specialized in Blockchain,Fullstack,Cloud, AI and Machine Learning. CPPIB:Build a search engine for serving thousands of documentations and millions of data points and Optimize search query with Machine Learning, Build stable and efficient data pipeline with AWS big data tools.
AMD:Software bug detection tools with Machine Learning Publish:Empirical study in using version histories for change risk classification, 2019 IEEE/ACM 16th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR).
BeauteSchool AI project leader and Chief Officer.



Financial Risk Management Certification. Yi has a wide range of project management and financial analysis experience in the life cycles of product development. He is certified FRM and proficient in operational risk management, marketing development, product operations, and business strategy planning.



Matt is integral to the day-to-day running of Fintelics. He is the mastermind of social media and developer community videos. Coming from a performance arts based business, Matt has a strong understanding of combinning passion with skills.


Emerging Technology Director

Rahul Murali is Director, Emerging Technology at Fintelics and is responsible for driving sales strategy and global partnerships. Prior to joining Fintelics, Rahul was leading Product Development and sales at ThroughBit, a cryptocurrency exchange. Rahul is a dynamic speaker known for leading the charge on new initiatives and setting aggressive goals for the company.


Data Scientist and Full-Stack Developer

Raven has a degree in Computer Science and Statistics from U of T. He has extensive experience in full-stack development, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence development. Areas of expertise:fullstack database development, artificial intelligence.


Full-Stack Developer

Zheng is Senior Computer programming and Analysis.Zheng is fluent in the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React/React-native, and Node) stack. Zheng has worked on multiple projects within Fintelic, which involved areas including AI automation, auto rental, social media platform and trading platform.


Full-Stack Developer

After graduating from UofT with an arts degree, Lucas pursued a technical career. He graduated from the Juno College of Technology in 2018. He's worked as a developer and an educater in the web development space. He uses React and Vue.js on the front-end, and writes Node.js on the backend.


Senior Back End Developer

Graduate School: Carlton University, Master of Computer Science Sherlock is a backend expert who shares more than 10 years of coding experience. He possesses multiple technology stacks such as Node.js, AWS services, NoSQL Booster for MongoDB,Redis, Knex, Mongoose, Dynamoose, Express..


Senior Front End Developer

Jane is an experienced Financial Software and Full Stack Developer with a firm understanding of statistics models, machine learning algorithms, and financial modelling. She is a CFA level II candidate, and she graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor's degree majoring in Mathematical Finance & Statistics (Double Major, Graduated with Distinction).


Block chain and Full-Stack Developer

University of Toronto Computer Engineering and majored in Control system and Software engineering. Industrial experience on permissioned blockchain and react native project. Using Node.js, C++, Java, Python and Rust. Previous experience includes Nobul, JustWallet, Axia, Liangzi, Alfasommet and SStreet.


AI & Data Scientist

William Cao is knowledgeable in AI/data science, possess strong understanding of business processes and have experience in project and product management.  He is a data scientist who can understand the problem from both technical and business perspectives and use the most appropriate AI technology to discover actionable insights and drive business value.


Back End Developer

Oliver is a junior full-stack developer who majored in computer science in U of T. Oliver has couple of hands on projects experience in backend and he is knowledgeable about python, sql,react,Node.js.