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As the technical consultant for Higher Street, Fintelics was responsible for both design and development of the Omnichannel Cloud Native Mobile App Solution. The solution is designed and developed with cloud native architecture design considerations in mind. The product utilizes Amazon Fargate as the backend microservices support, and Amazon EC2 as a managed mongodb database. The networking architecture utilizes Amazon VPC, with the public subnet containing the Amazon Fargate Clusters and Private Subnet containing mongodb clusters backed Amazon EC2 Instances for security considerations

Higher Street is a ‘NEW TREND PRODUCTS’ exchange platform which allow user to sell and buy their clothes, shoes, accessories by a secured online platform. Higher Street provides the flexibility to user in product liquidity. Users are able to sell, buy, trade/exchange their products through real time communication. The exchanging process, which is the unique way in improving luxuries’ liquidity comparing with existing competitive products. The entire solution is based on React native development.

Auto Rental is an omni channel (web, IOS, Android) vehicle rental platform that supports multiple payment methods including credit/debit card, WeChat Pay and Alipay.The app can be found and downloaded from both google play store and Apple App Store. In addition, Fintelics developed a system with dashboard and metrics for the platform’s administrator to control and oversee the supply and inventory of the vehicles. The entire solution is bilingual in both English and Chinese for all channels.

The solution is 100% cloud native using AWS and integration with stripe, WeChat, Alipay. Pay the perfect demonstration of applying React-native to develop and maintain the same code for both IOS and Android.

Our team fully developed the solution with our in-house expertise for front end and back end. Start from the design phase to final launch in all app stores and website, the entire solution is finished within xxxx months of time.

BeauteSchool is an online beauty training platform. They came to Fintelics to enable Artificial Intelligence for their business. The AI engine generates personalized mock quiz and exam for each individual student at the end of modules and before exams. Based on student profile, past class engagement and previous quiz/question results, the engine determines the areas one needs focuses on and select appropriate questions for practice. Moreover, the AI engine automatically adjust the assigned difficulty level of each question based on students’ responses and other factors. This significantly helps reduce maintenance effort and cost of the question bank.

Our solution streamlines data from Moodle (client’s LMS) directly and the AI engine is built and hosted on AWS. Our team applied the cutting edge - Tensorflow 2.0 as the deep learning framework to help our client stay ahead of its competitors on the technology end.

The team successfully upgraded the software system of BeauteSchool with AI within 200 billable hrs - fundamentally enhanced client’s market competitiveness and brand image.

Eye network is a revolutionary use case of blockchain technology in video sharing platform. It is a decentralized youtube with the ability to interact with crypto currency. The video providers can allow audience to bid on the right to play advertisement before his video. The payment process, using crypto currency with MetaMast plugin, happens directly from audience to video provider through the web application. This concept can significantly reduce the cost of marketing campaigns on videos since we eliminated 90% of the administrative payment process as a video platform.

The solution uses ethereum ecosystem to maintain its decentralized nature and is 100% cloud based with AWS for security, availability and scalability purposes. The MVP solution consists full functionalities including user authentication, user registration, video uploading/playing/deleting/managing, video recommendation system, campaign bidding, campaign creating and token payment.

Our team fully developed the solution with our in-house expertise and finished with x months of time. The eye network team successfully raise over $2M in 2019 with our product. Eye Network was extremely satisfied with the result and agreed to share the intellectual property of this decentralized platform with Fintelics.

Alphasomet is a conference networking mobile application that assists and encourages efficient and effective networking within conference/convention environment. Target users, including all guests and hosts within a conference, are placed into “a room” where individual profiles are shared and listed. The application applies big data and AI to determine the connections one might be interested in and provide recommendations to the user for effective networking. The application consists of real time chat and calendar booking functionality for users to foster the relationship within the app and connect offline after.

The solution is 100% cloud native with AWS. The team uses React and node.js for front and back end development.

Alfa’s team came to us with the idea and we built the MVP for them within xxxx number of months. With the perfect collaboration between the teams, we helped Alfa raise xxxxxxx dollars in their seed round.