Master platform is a “seed” platform that extracts features from most of the commonly used customer platform in the market. To be more specific, since most of the customer platform will contains the following features

1. A register/login feature
User can register, login and logout from platform
2. A marketplace features
A place that allow user to search, filter results
3. A Shop browsing feature
User can browse different shop
4. A List my product feature
User can list product for sale
5. A Setting features
General setting page

The application is designed for transaction scenario. Since it has many common features in most of the platform, so we call it “seed”. We can rearrange the frontend to make it became a new platform and not change the backend

The solution is cloud native, we use AWS and the backend services. We connect the transaction method to our blockchain based wallet. This is a project derived from the wallet solution. Since the wallet solution needs multiple use case scenarios. In order to make many platform at a short time, we came up with the idea of “seed”.