Fintelics’ Internship Training Program (ITP) provides students with real world experience being a part of a tech startup. Entering this program is an important step to making useful connections and finding work in the technology industry.

There are various resources for learning programming but none of them provides systematic training. Transferring what you learnt into practice is difficult.

Education platform do provide few opportunities to practice, but students do not have continuous hands on experience, nor have they created a real product before.

Build your resume + Recommendation letter + Certificate of completion

Entrance into one of the best emerging technologies companies and their community Training + Practice + Developing your own product. You could potentially have product ownership in the future

Become a real developer equipped with both hard and soft skills required by the competitive job market

Opportunity to become a Fintelics Employee in phase 1,work with enterprise-level firms in phase 2 and become lifetime partner with Fintelics in phase 3

- Phase 0 (3 months): Receive Training and practice from our development team, working on the internal product development lifecycle.

- Phase 1 (3-6 months): Become a Fintelics employee as a member of our development team, working on both internal/external products.

- Phase 2 (6-24 months): Obtain work opportunities with big firms provided by Fintelics.